August 2020
This past Friday Toronto Ultra held yet another event for Canadian players to take part in. The Toronto Ultra Northern Rivals II event featured 44 teams battling for the 1st place prize over a two day span. After many hours of game play the eventual winners of the events would be Unjustified Gaming’s roster consisting of Archivs, Holler, Beehzy, Jimbolah, and Lurid47. Unjustified would play 6 best of five series where in total they would drop only 3 maps total. The tournament MVP would be Beehzy who finished with a 1.02 overall K/D. The Grand Finals of the tournament put UG up against AthaimGG consistent of FLawLesS, Gudnite, kushpoint, Medica7e, and Diamondcon. This series proved to be rather easy for Unjustified as they won with a convincing 3-0. In addition to that, everyone on the roster had over a 1.0 K/D for the finals. They started off the series with a win on St. Petrogard Hardpoint 250-185, Rammaza Search and Destroy 6-2, and Gun Runner Domination slightly; 134-78. During this final series beehzy stepped into superstar form posting insane stat lines of 30-21 with 5 defends and 1:24 in hill for HP, a 1.67 K/D in SnD, and 25-10 with 5 captures and 1 defend in the domination. That’s a 2.50 K/D in a RESPAWN… I did a quick interview of Beehzy who stated, “I love my team, we’re all the homies and have played a lot together. We actually call ourselves school friends even though we’re not.” After being asked how he felt about the event he responded with, “Event was well hosted, just rather unfortunate with the internet issues but that’s out of anyone’s control and it was a rather straightforward event nothing really too hard.” Then finally I asked how he felt about being the MVP and he said, “Honestly I’m the best player in the tournament and it’s expected if I decided to sit up in my chair, which I did in finals. Still feels great though.” I’m sure after a performance like that we should expect to see this squad of 5 stick together for the next Toronto event and hopefully bring Unjustified another championship.