Match Updates

Battle of the Bulldogs

Last night, April 21st arguably featured a battle of the two best teams in the league; in Unjustified Gaming vs Arial Arise. (4-1) Unjustified Gaming toed up with (5-0) Arial Arise. Arial Arise features a consistent T16-T32 Path to Pro team in Wellyy, Crysis, kLoH, Stolly, and Boardy. Arial to this point had only dropped 2 maps all season while Unjustified had dropped only 4. The Battle of the Bulldogs is a good name for this matchup as AA is the #2 seed playing against #4 seed UG. Map 1 was Gun Runner Hardpoint where we saw no team get more than a 40 point lead on the other, eventually Unjustified took the win 250-248. This was off the back of Shockzy who was highlighted yesterday, going 36-34 with 1:34 on the hill and 2 defends. He has been that go to player most of the season for Unjustified. Unfortunately this was the high point for UG in this game. Map 2 Arklov Peak started off close, trading rounds up to 3-3. This is where Arial took over finishing the map out 6-3. kLoH went a massive 11-4 with a plant being supported by 9-4 Boardy and 8-7 Crysis. Not to mention, up to this point Crysis was the highest overall K/D player in the entire AGN Foundation League. Two squad wipes in the second half of map 3 Hackney Yard Domination lead Arial to break the back and forth match. Letting them ease into a 173-146 win over Unjustified. Once again kLoH showed up when it mattered going 31-25 with 5 captures and tagging in 1 defense. While on UG’s side the usual X-Factor player in Shockzy went almost double negative. Nice to mention Stolly also played a good supporting role in the Domination showing up for 10 captures! Map 4 which would be the final match of this series saw equal slaying, but better teamwork and hill playing from the Arial Arise side, who were able to win convincingly on Azhir Cave 250-124. Not a single player going negative on their side. Arial will go on to Winners Finals to play (#3) Total Advantage. While UG dropped to Losers Round 2 where they showed passion versus Clean Krewe. Dismantling them handily winning 3-0. They currently sit in Losers Round 3  where they will take on (#1) PrydeGG. Be sure to catch the action today at 9 est on