August 2020
Unjusitified Streamers

Hi my name is Luis formally know as xCobra_Clutchx my goal is to bring entertainment, excitement and good old fun for my viewers. I love playing games but my main game is and forever will be Call Of Duty. With your help and support I could go far also go a long way and you guys get to come on this ride with me. I appreciate all the love and support from every single one of you, Thank You so much from the bottom of my heart. Long Live The Cobra Empire.
I retired out of the Army in July 2018. I was infantry with one combat tour before I dropped a packet to switch over to Counterintelligence. As a CI Special Agent I ran active missions in Korea and Afghanistan. I decided to start streaming in retirement as a way to provide entertainment and potentially share some knowledge I’ve gained over 8 years and multiple deployments. A lot of guys come in my stream and ask questions about the military, whether it’s out of curiosity, or because they are considering joining themselves, or they just support the troops. I try to incorporate basic military tactics as well as small team tactics into my gameplay, along with having fun by messing around using actual radio etiquette and call outs in game on the comms. I primarily play shooters on stream but I do play other games and am open to streaming them if the audience requests it.
My name is Earl and I go by EarlCelery. I’m another guy that likes to play games and gets a little too competitive. I love Spongebob memes and if you drop in my stream you can find out what I mean! I’m a variety streamer that plays primarily FPS and single player games but I am open to almost all video games. I’m all about having a good time and that’s what this stream is about. Playing games and kicking it with the community. My friends are my power!
My name is Vxtrah and I am the weirdest Twitch streamer. I play a variety of games but mainly Call of Duty and I am full of rage. I stream with my best friends & my pets. I’d love to see you in my streams some time!