August 2020
Match Updates
Last night, Monday, April 20th two goliaths of teams faced off in the first round of AGN Foundation League playoffs. 3rd seeded Unjustified Gaming would take on 6th seeded Gonzo Gaming. In what would become a barn burner of a match unfortunately Gonzo would eventually fall 2-3. This would only be the third ever map 5 game in AGN’s foundation league inaugural season. The lineup for Unjustified consists of Shockzy, Yammy, SNLESS, AutoTheJoke, and Yadabar. While Gonzo boasts one of the best players in all of the league in LayToasty. He is accompanied by Swadeee, NateNades, Shankohh, and Elite. The first map was St. Petrogard Hardpoint where we would see Gonzo amount almost one of the greatest respawn comebacks this season. 117-244 we would see them bring it all the way back to 226-250. But unfortunately Shockyzy was too much to handle. Playing like a superstar, going 46-21 with 1:36 in hill, and 2 defends. Arklov Peak was next. Unjustified made it interesting after going down 4-1, they’d bring it back to 5-4 in their favor; but the clutch genes were just too much from Gonzo, as they won the next two to take a round 11 map 2 win. Nate single handedly was able to keep his team in the game blowing up for 14-7, while on the other side Shockzy did all he could to mount a possible comeback, achieving 13-8. The middle map of the series would take us to Hackney Yard Domination where Unjustified would coincidentally dominate, rather easily taking it 189-119. A good team effort from them as they doubled Gonzo’s total kills. The second Hardpoint map was Gun Runner. Where we’d see Gonzo come back from almost a 70 point deficit to win the game 250-238, off beautiful 40 and 37 kill performances from Toast and Nate. Rammaza SnD was the final map where we’d see Unjustified take it rather slightly in a dominating 6-2 fashion. A disappointment from a series that built up to hopefully have a blockbuster grand finale. Auto going 9-6 total after the round 1 restart. Both sides fought hard, but ultimately, Unjustified was the better team yesterday. Unjustified Gaming will move on to Winners round 2 where they will face up against Arial Arise, while Gonzo Gaming drops to Losers round 1 where they will play AlliedGG. Tune in today to catch the action at 7:30 est over on